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Thursday, August 20, 2020
CentOS Web Panel

How To Install CentOS Web Panel In CentOS

About CentOS Web Panel There are so many free and paid Control panels available nowadays. We will, today, discuss about CentOS Web panel(CWP), specially designed...
CentOS Web Panel Configuration

CentOS Web Panel Basic Configuration

CentOS Web Panel Configuration we have to do couple of things to CentOS Web Panel Configuration to make it reachable in web such as: Setup...

Set all directories to 755, and all files to 644

If you need a quick way to reset your public_html data to 755 for directories and 644 for files, then you can use something...
Setup Business Mail Free

Setup Business Mail Free with Gmail using Your Own Domain

Quite often the web mail account provided with your website hosting might not have the functionality you need to use it for day to...

How to install Vesta control panel in RHEL 7 or Centos 7

This article will help you to install and configure Vestacp hosting control panel in your server or vps. You may need an operating system RHEL...

Step by Step Guide to Setup & Configure Zimbra Mail Server on CentOS 7

In this article we guide you with basic steps to install and configure Zimbra Collaboration Suite using Open Source Edition with single server installation...