CentOS Web Panel Basic Configuration

CentOS Web Panel Configuration

CentOS Web Panel Configuration

we have to do couple of things to CentOS Web Panel Configuration to make it reachable in web such as:

  1. Setup nameservers
  2. Setup shared ip (must be your public IP address)
  3. Setup at least one hosting package (or edit default package)
  4. Setup root email, etc.

Setup nameservers:

To setup nameservers, go to DNS Functions -> Edit nameservers IPs.

Set your nameservers and click Save changes button.

Setup Shared IP And Root mail ID:

This is important step to host websites on your host. To setup shared IP, go to CWP Settings -> Edit settings.

Enter your Static IP and Email ID, and Click Save settings button.

Now, CWP is ready to host websites.

Setup hosting package:

A hosting package is nothing but a Web hosting plan that consists of allowed diskspace, bandwidth, no of FTP accounts, no of email ids, and no of databases etc. You can setup any number of web hosting plans as your wish.

To add a package, go to Packages – Add a Package from the CWP console.

Enter the name of the package, amount of Diskquota/RAM allowed, FTP/Email accounts, Databases, and subdomains etc. Click Save settings button to create the web hosting plan.

Now, CWP is ready to host your domains.

Adding Domains:

To create a new Domain, you to have at least one user account.

To add a user, go to User Accounts -> New Account.

Enter the domain(ex.unixmen.com), username, password and Email id etc. Finally, click Create.


In this tutorial, we have seen CentOS Web Panel Configuration create a simple web hosting environment. CWP is very simple to install and use. Even a novice user can create a basic web hosting server in a couple of hours. Also, CWP is completely free to use and open source. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

You can find the more details about CWP in the CentOS Web Panel Wiki page.


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